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I went to the beach today with my family. It was just a daytrip, but a very pleasant one. The sea was absolutely perfect for swimming: calm and smooth, but with lovely swells to ride. I must have spent about three hours in the water all told, just drifting and riding the waves.

The beach to which we went was particularly cool, because it has a huge sandbar a couple of dozen metres from the shore across a fairly deep channel in the sea. You can swim across to it, and then stand in ankle-deep water in the middle of the ocean. That was fun.

In between, I lay on the beach in the sun and read the novel that I got for Christmas from my parents, "Half of a Yellow Sun." I've now got a slight tan again, which is excellent. My face got slightly burnt around my cheeks, but not enough to hurt. It just looks like I'm a healthy, rosy-cheeked girl from a Swiss Chocolate commercial. :P

The beach was really busy, because it's the last week of the school holidays here, although I've been back at work since the 3rd. It was mainly families with small children and elderly couples, BUT I did see the most perfect specimen of a man that I have ever seen. It was crazy. He had an absolutely perfect body: it didn't have an ounce of fat on it, but it wasn't too muscular and steroid-enhanced either. I couldn't stop staring at him, and it wasn't because I personally found him very attractive; it was just because I didn't think it was possible to achieve those sort of perfect proportions short of airbrushing or sculpture. Sadly, I suspect he knew just how perfect his body was, because he was wearing a . . . ew . . . banana-hammock. Nonetheless, in his defense, let me say that he's the only man I've ever seen who should be wearing one of them. Boardshorts would be a complete crime on him.


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Jan. 10th, 2007 01:20 am (UTC)
eww banana hammock!

but yeah. it's kind of chilly here...the beach sounds nice! (but i could do without sweltering heat...)

sounds like a good day, though!
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